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  • Hagia Sophia Museum

    Whether A Church or A Mosque – Discover Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul.
    Are you planning to visit Istanbul? Do you know Hagia Sophia, or so-called ‘eight wonder of the world’ by East Roman Philon, is in Istanbul? Museum is definitely one of the museums that you should add to your to-do list in Istanbul.

  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque

    A Mystic Place to Visit in Istanbul- Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) and Square Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is also called Blue Mosque, is one of the breath-taking mosques in Istanbul. Here some notes about history of Sultan Ahmed Mosque, going back to 17th century, it was architect -designed by Mehmet Aga, instructed by Sultan Ahmed […]

  • Historical Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

    One of the must-see places in Istanbul is definitely historical Grand Bazaar. The construction of Grand Bazaar goes back to 1461, when it was built under the command of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the famous conqueror of Istanbul. It is a shopping arcade which is surrounded with many shops having roofs or domes. The historical shopping […]

  • Topkapi Palace

    Topkapi Palace, home of many sultans and their wives is going to impress you with its historical courtyards, galleries, staterooms, and of course with famous Harem. Topkapi Palace served as an administrative, cultural and state center for Ottoman Empire from 1459 till 1865, nearly 400 years. It was the center of intrigue, strategy and politics. […]

  • Basilica Cistern & Binbirdirek Cistern

    Hidden Beauties Of Istanbul: Basilica Cistern & Binbirdirek Cistern The Basilica Cistern was constructed to provide water to Istanbul in 4th century AD by the order of Emperor Constantine. As water of Black Sea and Marmara Sea is not appropriate for drinking, it was a must in that time to build water passage and storage. […]

  • Taksim And Istiklal Avenue

    One of the most popular visited places in Istanbul, Taksim and Istiklal Avenue attract many tourists every year. Istiklal Avenue or Independence Avenue in English is nearly 1.4 km and surrendered by many small and also interesting streets. You may even spend all the day exploring Istiklal Avenue. The Avenue is crowded till mid-night and […]

  • Gülhane Park

    Among the crowd, you may wish to find a place in Istanbul to take a deep breath and enjoy the nature: This place should be definitely Gulhane Park. It is a very large recreational area covering some of the former grounds of Topkapi Palace. That’s why it provides a main walkway from one gate to […]

  • Galata Tower

    One of the iconic places of Istanbul is Galata Tower with its colorful lights that can be seen at nights from all over the city. Though, the history of Galata Tower is not known for sure, it was said to be constructed during Byzantine Emperor Justinian reign around 507 CE.  The tower was called by […]

  • Smell Spice Bazaar In Istanbul!

    One of the oldest and famous bazaars in Istanbul is Spice Bazaar. Because of its historical and architectural structure; it is also a touristic attraction center for hundreds of tourists thanks to its various kinds of spices and traditional tastes. Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar was built in the 1660s as a part of the adjacent New […]

  • Ortaköy- Istanbul

    Ortakoy, which means “the village in the middle”, as it is located between European Bosphorus shore and northeast of Sultan Ahmed, is now one of the Istanbul’s popular, coolest, most artsy neighborhoods, with trendy boutiques, atmospheric cafés and bistorts, and crowds of young, sophisticated residents and visitors. You can visit Ortakoy to have some tea or coffee, a snack or a […]

  • Maiden Tower

    When you visit Istanbul and take a ferry, you will be amazed at what you see. A stone’s throw off the coast of Uskudar, spreading its romantic lights into deep darkness. Maiden Tower, the tower which has been at the center of intrigue, legends, and strategies for years, was used for different purposes such as […]

  • Chora Museum

    If you are interested in frescoes or mosaics, then you shouldn’t miss Chora Museum or Kariye Museum in Turkish. The Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora adorns people with its walls and ceilings. Chora is a Greek word meaning outside city (Kariye in Turkish). Chora Museum was first constructed in 5th century, and it was […]

  • Miniaturk: A Window To Turkey

    Do You Want To Visit All Of Turkey In Just 2 Hours? Here is Miniaturk: A Window To Turkey Miniaturk was opened on 2nd of May 2003. It is an exhibition area where many models of architectural works of many civilizations that once prevailed or left traces in Turkey are presented. You can find many […]